Green/mixed salad

CHF 6.-/9.50

Plate of meats “à la valaisanne”

CHF 15.50/25.50

Plate of dried meat

CHF 16.50/26.50

Leek and bacon vinaigrette

CHF 12.-

Beetroot in 2 ways, rocket cream and burratina

CHF 15.50

Shallot and thyme tatin, served with double cream and red cabbage pickles

CHF 13.-


Traditional röstis oven-baked with cheese, fried egg and red onion pickles

CHF 27.50

Crispy halloumi cheese and local asparagus salad

CHF 26.50

Creamy morels and “vin jaune” chicken stew with noodles

CHF 39.50

Beer braised veal shanks, served with creamy polenta

CHF 32.50

Beef steak (180 gr./300 gr.) with a café de Paris butter, fries and vegetables

CHF 28.50/34.50


Cordon bleu classique

Pork wrapped in breadcrumbs, stuffed with ham and cheese
CHF 26.50

Cordon bleu valaisan

Dried meat and raclette cheese, wrapped in rye breadcrumbs
CHF 29.50

Cordon bleu épinards

Spinach, bacon with a fried egg
CHF 28.50

Cordon bleu gorgonzola

Cured ham and gorgonzola
CHF 29.50

Cordon bleu colvert

Duck breast, seared duck foie gras, breaded with different types of nuts
CHF 33.50

Cordon bleu printanier

Asparagus, cured ham, raclette cheese bechamel sauce
CHF 29.50


Bread soaked in wine, sliced cheese put on top, cooked in the oven

CHF 19.50

Cheese and ham or egg

CHF 20.50

Cheese, ham and fried egg

CHF 21.50

Ham, egg, tomato and onions

CHF 23.50


Cheese fondue

CHF 26.50

Tomato fondue

served with boiled potatoes
CHF 27.50

Shallot fondue

CHF 29.50

Three pepper fondue

CHF 27.50

Fondue with herbs

min. 2 persons CHF 29.50/pers.


last order 20h45

Small plate of dried meat


Raclette as much as you can eat


Apricot sorbet with schnaps

Menu  CHF 42.-
Only the raclette, 32.-


During high season, it is preferable to book in advance in order to avoid any inconveniences